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Our number one priority is to help you make sure you have a safe trip. Below are some safety points for using the river. Old Man River Tubing and Hudson Action Adventures are in no way responsible for injury or loss - including of life. There are no life guards on duty.

Life vests are recommended for children, all non-swimmers, inexperienced/rusty swimmers and any swimmer who questions whether he/she needs a life vest! Life vests are available free with Rental*.
* Subject to availability

We do not allow glass containers on Old Man River.

Drink lots of water while tubing. Drink at least 1-2 bottles of water per hour while floating to help prevent dehydration.

Water shoes, old tennis shoes or other protective footwear are needed to protect against cuts, scrapes, bruises, or falls while walking to and from the Old Man Riverís entry and exit points. Shoes will help protect your feet from the Riverís rocky bottom, fresh water clam shells and any other sharp objects that may be encountered. An old pair of sneakers will do. Water shoes work best. We have water shoes for sale or for rent. Locale stores usually have a good selection. Sandals or "flip-flops" are unsafe to wear and will most likely get lost.

Sun block lotion should be applied before and during your floating trip.

Wear a cap, hat or visor while tubing. It will help shield your face and head from the rays of the sun.

Tying the tubes together is not recommended. Request a double tube which is the same price as two individual tubes.

Styrofoam coolers are not recommended for tubing on Old Man River.

Drugs and the River do not mix! Play it safeÖ Donít Do It!

Do not take valuables (rings, jewelry, etc.) or car keys with you in the river. A key and article check is available or you may attach keys to your bathing suit. Neither Old Man River Tubing nor Hudson Action Adventures Ltd. is responsible for Lost/Stolen items.

Tube with a friend or in a group so as to have help in case of an emergency.

Steer away from fallen trees to avoid getting caught in their branches. Stay in the middle of the river or the deepest running water where you'll have fewer obstacles to deal with.

Position yourself so that you are floating downstream feet first, not head first. Stay alert!.

Attach and secure prescription glasses, eye wear and sunglasses to your face, head or body while tubing. Headbands, neckband or float bobber of some sort are a good idea.


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